Meet 75 genuinely lucky people (A Few in Real Estate)…

…and discover how YOU can be as lucky as THEY are!

I’m writing, as promised, with more late-breaking information about Alan R. Bechtold’s brand new course, The E-Publishing Business Marketing System.

I want you to prepare for the release of this monumental new course.

This is the first time Alan has ever created a course like this, and he has 21 years of successful online marketing and publishing.

He definitely knows what it takes to succeed in your real estate business using simple online tools and now, for the first time ever, you’ll soon be able to obtain a complete, step-by-step course and work directly with him.

*Did I mention to you one of his joint ventures using this strategy earned $12-million and his cut was $6-million?*

On October 1, Alan will make a limited number of copies of his new E-Publishing Business Marketing System available, on a pre-publication basis.

Even better — I’ve just learned that the course will also include thousands of dollars worth of bonus books, courses and reports — provided by the biggest names in marketing.

Just remember, you get it only on October 1!

So be prepared to act quicly before all the copies Alan is going to allow during this very short 24-hour sale are gone.

In fact, I doubt it will last til midnight.

Here’s why:

The course is based on Alan’s E-Publishing Marketing MasterMind.

“Seats” in this group have been closed for some time now and the group is more than halfway through the entire process. You can’t get into it at any price.

However — you WILL be able to receive all the same guidance and tools as the 75 lucky people who are now working with Alan in his once-only MasterMind group — when you buy his new course.

You will also be able to work with Alan’s current crop of “Future Hemingways!”

Even better — if you buy the course on October 1, 2005, you’ll pay LESS than 25% of what the original MasterMind members paid!

I’ve written you about this before, so you’ll be ready. It’s a course that I believe will be very important to your future!

Just check out the original site Alan posted, when seats were still available for his MasterMind.

This will provide you with a good idea of what to expect from the monumental new course Alan is about to release, because his new course is entirely based on this phenomenal MasterMind!

Then get prepared.

Make plans to grab this opportunity for yourself on October 1

Stay closely tuned to your E-mail box and if you don’t get emails from me, be sure to go to the front page of and sign up for the conference call anouncements.

I’ll blog another update next week.

I’ll be showing you all the bonuses that will be included with this powerful opportunity on October 1.

I’ll also have more complete details about the course Alan will be making available.