Did you hear the news?

Wow, what a WEEK at RealEstateLink.net

The first test of a new system and style at RealEstateLink.net was a total success.

If you missed the call, keep posted, I’m going to see if I can get a few preview snips from the interview.

Donna and I were at Cracking the Millionaire Code and Mr. Robert G. Allen (Author of the best selling book in Real Estate Investing of all time) agreed to let one of his star pupils present on the call about “Discount Paper” that is, buying and selling private mortgages.

And this made such great sense because Mr. Robert G. Allen is the grandfather of Creative Real Estate Investing (where a large number of seller financing and other private notes are made) and Aaron Osmond show how to make money AFTER the creative real estate investing deal is done!

Robert G. Allen even jumped on the call at the beginning with no preparation or script to introduce the call.

How cool is that?!

For those of you who do not know, Robert G. Allen is my mentor and has been the mentor of at least a seven of the guests we’ve had on the 52-week program so far.

In the near future there will be much more to say about the direction of the calls on RealEstateLink.net (believe me you’re going to love it.) However, before I can unleash this exciting program, I need to finish with all the great calls we have scheduled.

So here’s the preview (all subject to change of course)

Wednesday September 14th will be Graham Trekle (our 6th most selected trainer at RealEstateLink.net). Graham will be talking about foreclosures and the legal minefield we creative real estate investors find ourselves in.

Sept 21th will be Donna Fox who will be returning from the sold out Credit Millionaire Mastery event in Phoneix AZ. Donna will be talking about one of the more esoteric aspects of being a credit millionaire.

Sept 28th will be Mike King who will be talking about knocking on the “Back Door” in foreclosures. He’s a forbearance expert and he gets more deals offered to him than he can handle by FIRST helping people keep their homes.

And just for your schedule, October will be a blast with Hank Levine, Jeffery “Mr. LandLord” Taylor, Troy Titus (one of the just a handful of attorneys I love and trust), and Robert Sheman.

Then in November, be ready for the new program launch!


********* Huge Announcement *********

This was a heads up email to be posted on the 9th; however, I was too busy at Cracking the Code making great contacts for you.

When I noticed how behind I was I noticed it was actually September 11th. Can you believe it’s been 4 years since that tragedy? And it’s felt like it’s been tragedy after since then.

I guess the last 4 years of global tragedy has for Donna and I also been coupled with personal tragedy. Donna’s Father died, my grandparents died (not the one living with me two other ones), and if you’re a pet owner you’ll understand I just buried my pet this weekend and Donna has also lost her first person pet who was there with her through law school. (She’s another of the handful of attorneys I love and trust)

It’s clear that next year is not a promise to us and that there are HUGE problems in the world we can all do even more for *if* we can become more, earn more, and give more.

That’s why, even though this post is late, you’re going to be making a few blog posts over the course of the next few Wednesdays from Donna and I showing you a vision of what next year can be like for you.

I don’t need for you to invest in the program or not.

What I do desperately hope for you is that you will read each post with an open mind.

Provided this, if 2006 is to be your year to make a leap and become an expert in your chosen field, then consider seriously taking action at the end of the all these messages to you.

So let’s get right to it…and turn this time of tragedy into forward progress and transformation.

No matter how long we’ve been friends, you’ve seen other successful businesses online. And if we’ve been friends for a long while, you’ve seen the success Donna and I have been able to have.

Well, one of the keys and reasons for this growth in our lives is doing something that will allow you to take the same opportunity.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own successful online business — I owe you this heads-up.

If you’ve ever wished there was a simple way to easily make Internet marketing work **for your existing business** (Especially Creative Real Estate Investing) — I have big news for you!

Internet marketing pioneer Alan R. Bechtold is about to release the first course he’s ever created. (He’s not made his wealth online selling information on how to make wealth online)

Alan has been successfully marketing and publishing online for more than 21 years. He’s promised his new course will be the most comprehensive, step-by-step how-to about Internet marketing ever created to take some from beginner to earning with hand-holding I’ve seen.

I believe in this new course.

Alan has actually assembled a MasterMind team of pioneers with him together they invested just under 1/2-a million ($468,000) new course to create all the tools you need to implement everything you’ll learn.

You’re getting this heads-up because Donna and I are responsible for $12,000 of that investment. And, Alan is going to allow a limited number of pre-release copies of his new course.

Now, he’s going to provide them at a lower price than he will ever sell the course for again.

The entire course is based upon an amazing “MasterMind” group Alan is currently conducting — The E-Publishing Marketing MasterMind.

Unfortunately, Alan’s MasterMind group is now closed.

The participants are already roughly halfway through the course.

On September 30th, they’ll be meeting together with Alan in Tampa for a three-day intensive workshop. (I’m going to be there too.)

Unfortunately, you can’t get into Alan’s phenomenal MasterMind or the workshop that is a part of it at any price.

But — on October 1 (yes, while the live MasterMind gather is happening) Alan will allow a limited number of people to place pre-publication orders for his new course.

You’ll receive literally thousands of dollars worth of valuable free bonuses and the course, for less than 50% of the suggested retail price — a price that will never again be offered — when you enroll in the course on that one day.

(Literally, you can’t get it now and 24 hours AFTER that on day you’ll not be able to enroll)

I may not say any more about this incredible new course right now.

Alan’s sworn me to secrecy until the date of this spectacular one-day offer.

But — I wanted to tell you about this special one-day opportunity to enroll in Alan’s course as soon as I could, because it’s such an important breakthrough I wanted to make certain you have ample time to prepare, and plan to take action and nab a copy for yourself.

On October 1, you will have just 24 hours to claim your copy, at the lowest price it will ever again be sold for. With a “mile-high” stack of bonuses, just for being smart and recognizing a good deal when you see it.

I’ll have more details on this exceptional offer next week.